I strive to surprise, amaze, startle, stun, flabbergast, stagger, shock, stupefy, leave open-mouthed, daze, jolt & shakeup.
Hello, my Name is Lina Bassiouny.
I am a graphic designer, independent, creative and self-taught from Bogotá.
Based in Barcelona, enjoying different cultures, people and talents.
Founder of www.standnaked.co
Feel free to Contact me.
+34  697  275  346
· Development and creation of strategies for brands.
· Design of visual identity.
· Naming
· Brand communication and advertising
· Corporate Stationery
· Brand book
· Packaging

· IOS and Android apps
· Prototyping
· Processes of Ideation and wireframes.
· Design of interfaces.
· Web design
· Wordpress CMS
· Digital magazines for iPad

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