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Simple but significant

My motivation comes from other people’s ideas that turn into brand projects.

To listen to their proposals, give them shape, make them grow and see how they evolve over time is my job. This process called Branding is my specialization and my passion. 

 Out of these brand projects even more design needs arise, and to me the most appropriate ways to fulfill them comes from the digital world, as it offers a rich variety of experiences. Designing web sites or mobile applications using interactivity to let users get the information they are looking for in an easy and enjoyable way is my other passion.

Working as a team will always be one of the requirements of any designer because ideas are not built alone. Over the years, I have gained experience working for several years in digital companies, as well as working as a freelancer along with other talented collaborators, such as developers, illustrators, strategists and many more.


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Graphic Design, Interactions, Fashion, Illustrator


Counterprint books 2021


Aida (Lowe)

Web Designer, Colombia


Web Designer, Colombia


Web Designer, Barcelona

Hello & welcome

I just want to let you know that this site is under construction.

You may see some mismatches but don’t worry!
I’m working on it ;)

In the meantime, here you can see some of the work I’ve done.